Why Do Narcissists Come Back?

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Why Do Narcissists Come Back?

Narcissism is misunderstood many times. Narcissism is exhibited by several people in our society. If you are able to recognize it properly in some people then the person might start getting better in his mind. Narcissism encourages self love. This narcissism is derived from the Greek mythology after a boy with his name as narcissus. Narcissus was known to have liked reflection of his own in the pond. Narcissus was punished by Nemesis for having fallen in Love with his self reflection.

The narcissist is the one who is very much involved in his own self to such an extent that no one else comes into his mind. The person will not be in need of anyone else. The person will be friend others to gain selfish ends. The behavior of the person will turn into stubbornness, superior and haughty. It is dangerous to expect the narcissist to be patient enough. He may not be doing things very fast and get caught in the situation where he suffers. When he confirms that the situation is favorable to him and if he thinks that you have reached to a state where he wants to use you, then he plans accordingly to trap you. They take long time to do this as they do not want to make any mistake and lose their plans. The narcissist will be calm and placid till the time is reached and starts acting when the right time comes in. They behave just like wolves that sit and plan in a strategic manner to cause harm to his innocent victims. Sometimes it may happen that the victims are aware of the plans made by the narcissist, but they will have trust in the person and do not want to take any drastic step to punish him. This makes the victims only to become again a prey to the narcissist.

Narcissist does not really get away from his harmful behavior, but temporarily convinces others that he is fine and not terrible. They will come back after a long time and do whatever they desire to create a catastrophe.

Author: Hari M

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