Why do nasal passages swell?

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Why do nasal passages swell?

Swelling in the nasal tract causes a large inconvenience to anyone. Medical conditions like sinusitis, rhinitis, cold and flu and respiratory infections can result in swelling of nasal tract. The congestion of the nasal tract due to excess of mucus production can also cause severe inconvenience. There are many causes for the swelling observed in the nasal tract.

Common cold and sinusitis are the common reasons for the inflammation in the nasal tract. Sinuses are four cavities that are filled with air and are situated within the bones that surround the nose, cheeks and eyes. The dirt or dust that is present in the inhaled air is filtered by sinus cavities. The mucus that is generated from the walls of sinuses generates moisture content in the nose. This mucus will prevent the lungs from viral, bacterial and allergen invasions. The sinus cavities will also get swollen due to infections caused by viruses, bacteria and fungi.

The allergens like pollen and dust, destruction of cilia on account of smoking, cold, dehydration and nasal bone injuries can cause inflammation in the sinuses. When this inflammation occurs, the sinus membrane produces intense amount of mucus in order to drain away the irritating agents. This fighting mechanism creates swelling which can also be the result of gustatory rhinitis. Some medical conditions like rhinitis can be caused by allergic as well as non-allergic reactions. Allergies caused due to food materials and exposure of respiratory system to allergens in the environment can also result in nasal tract swelling. If nasal congestion sprays are used extensively, it may also lead to the swelling of nasal tract.

Sometimes severe response of sinuses to allergens can cause swelling very often which might lead to the condition which needs surgery. But, there are several ways of using prescribed nasal steroid sprays daily which can be used before surgery is suggested. Hay fever or allergic rhinitis which results in running nose, itching, sneezing and blockage of nose are some of the symptoms that lead to the inflammation of the nasal passage.

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