Why do Newborns get hiccups?

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Why do Newborns get hiccups?

It is normal for newborn babies to get hiccups. This is not an indication that they are sick. Actually, hiccups are signs that the babies are healthy. Hiccups just last for a minute and this might not cause distress to the parents.

Even when they are still in the mother’s womb, they get hiccups. Strange as it seems but that is one of human’s way of overcoming challenges in its environment. According to doctors, since that baby in the womb could not yet breath, hiccups can be an indication that the living thing in the mother’ s tummy is practicing how to take in air so that when they go out, they can embrace normal life.
Newborn babies get hiccups especially when they are fed. This is just normal. The main reason for this is the immaturity of the baby’s internal organs. Hiccups occur if the diaphragm and the respiratory muscles are irritated. In the case of newborn babies, they get hiccups frequently because their stomach is too small that they could not take in much. The milk that they take is sometimes pushed to the diaphragm. This causes irritation, thus they get hiccups.

There are some remedies on how to stop hiccups. If they are breastfed, and they get hiccups, you can change the position to make way for a comfortable flow of milk. Others would suggest to scare the baby or pull the tongue but this can be dangerous because it can just hurt the baby.

Hiccups of newborn babies will just stop even though you don’t do something. If it becomes uncontrollable, then that is a matter of concern. If the hiccups would last more than a minute the baby might be suffering from gastrointestinal reflux disease. The acid in the baby’s stomach causes the diaphragm to aggravate leading to frequent hiccups. If this happens, consult the pediatrician immediately.

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