Why do nfl players wear visors?

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Why do nfl players wear visors?

National Football League is one association that regulates and controls football games in the United States of America. It is composed of thirty two teams, which are divided to play for the divisions in football namely the National Football Conference and the American Football Conference. Sixteen teams play for each conference and ultimate winners of each conference meet up for the championship, also known as the Super Bowl.

In playing football, proper playing attire with protective gears must be worn. Aside from the bodily protective gears, one important gear should not be missed. This protective gear is the football helmet or otherwise known as the football helmet. Football helmets are used to protect the head of players from blunt injury or serious head traumas. For some players, football helmets are used in addition of a visor. Visors are used to protect their eyes from sudden slip of fingers by other players or other debris that can enter through the helmet. Visors are also used, not only to serve as protection but as well as keeping the sun and bright lights out of the players’ vision. In addition to that, visors can serve as vision aids, especially to players who have significant eye problem. In this case, visors are prescribed similar to their glasses or contact lenses. Visors can also be a strategy to keep the game alive. Since visors disable other players from seeing their opponents’ eyes, it will be difficult for them to read through and predict the course of the game.

However, some teams do not allow their players to wear visors. Aside from not being able to see their faces, wearing of visors somehow does not make the game equally played, except for those who truly need it to be worn.

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