Why do Nipples have bumps?

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Why do Nipples have bumps?

Nipple is the projection of skin from the breast. Nipples have numerous blood vessels and nerve endings innervating them compared to other parts of the body. Nipples are more sensitive to the external stimuli. Nipple consists of lactation pores of around 15 to 20 that are arranged in the central region to the nipple point. The purpose of nipples is to transfer milk from the mother’s breast into the infant’s mouth.

The area in the areola around the nipple consists of sometimes bumps called as Montgomery glands or areolar skin glands. The function of these bumps is not known much but, the scientists say that these bumps help in lubricating the areolar region or nipple area. These bumps will not be noticeable most of the times and are noticeable some times. The bumps are mostly seen during the pregnancy. The bumps also appear in white in some women.

In the anatomy of the nipple, these bumps are scientifically termed as Montgomery tubercles. The bumps are not present on the nipples directly but, present in the areolar region of the nipple. The bumps are considered as sebaceous glands which release an oily substance called as lipoid fluid”. This fluid released from the bumps help the areolar area as well as the nipple well lubricated. The oil can protect the nipple area from getting dried and keep it healthy by avoiding the bacterial infection. The oil glands in the form of bumps which help in keeping the areolar area free of bacteria can allow hygienic environment to exist in the areolar region. This will help the mother to feed her child without any fear of infections that can get transferred to the infant while nursing them.

The bumps become large in size during the pregnancy and they appear hardened when it is cold outside. Having bumps on the nipple area is a healthy sign. But, if the bumps are very large in a non-pregnant woman and they are differently colored then it is better to approach a doctor as it is not a healthy sign.

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