Why do nuts hurt my stomach?

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Why do nuts hurt my stomach?

The stomach is the main organ that is responsible for all the substances being ingested by an individual. As one vital organ, the stomach is responsible for the sustenance of one’s nutrition in a manner that food is passed into the intestinal constituents and strong muscles grind the food guaranteeing proper mixing of all the food particles. Thereafter, the stomach catalyzes other enzymatic responses to digest food and renders proper absorption of nutrients. When the stomach is working in proper condition, it is unlikely for one to experience any stomach upsets or stomach aches.

However, with the world’s complex types of food and a wide array of it, it is quite rational to assume that stomach aches will be experienced at some point in time.  There are numerous culprits for stomach ache to happen. One common culprit is the ingestion of nuts. The onset of stomach ache is part and parcel of the signs and symptoms associated with the condition known as nut allergy. In nut allergy, the immune system responds by creating specific antibodies to proteins in nuts. These antibodies, called immunoglobulin E (IgE), are designed to fight off the “invading” proteins. When this mechanism is triggered, it is expected for stomach aches to occur. This is due to the chemicals being released in counteracting the action of the perceived foreign invader that stimulates other system of the body to compensate. As it is in the stomach that food resides, it is important that it also function in eliminating the foreign body being detected. Thus, pain can be felt in the area.

Although there are people who are highly tolerant to cases such as allergies, it is equally vital that medical attention be sought to prevent any unexpected and unpredictable complications to occur.

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