Why Do Opposites Attract?

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Why Do Opposites Attract?

This is a very widely held belief, and is also a physical science question. Metallic charges in magnetic objects attract to objects of the opposite charges, based on atomic structure. Positive magnets are attracted to negative charges. Also, the positive electrons in the positive end of a wire, in which electrons flow, are attracted to the negative end of the wire, because of a lack of electrons there. But this statement is often applied to attraction between two humans.

First of all, it is important to note that not always do opposites attract ‘š it is quite common, as a coupling theory, but it is definitely not 100%. There are plenty of couples that seem to be the same person, and most importantly, they are happy.

Attraction is a very complicated feeling, based off of many different things: there are your attributes, your potential partner’s attributes, societal norms, and of course, biological attraction, and that all is just for starters. Attraction is extremely complex, and the ability to predict whether two people will be attracted to one another is very difficult. And after the attraction stage, there is compatibility, personality wise, sexually wise, and much more. Attraction does not even mean that they will eventually have a full and healthy relationship; sometimes even what attracts you at first can be very annoying later on.

What is looked for as qualities in a potential partner are qualities that you yourself do not have, but that you wish you did. Thus you look for those qualities in others, and are attracted to them when you do find them in another, be it guy or girl. We look for someone to complete us, to bring to the table what we ourselves cannot, but sometimes you can even begin to resent that in your partner.

The best way to deal with any negative tension between yourself and your partner is to just talk things out with them: talk feelings, and be honest, but also be gentle. Express your expectations, and let them know what you used to like in them, what has changed and what you still like in them.

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