Why do Painters wear white?

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Why do Painters wear white?

Painters generally are observed as wearing white clothes and this practice is followed by most of the painters. There are various theories that were talked about regarding the white clothes worn by the painters and the reason why the white makes sense. The survey done by the international brotherhood of Painters and Allied Traders has revealed some of the reasons for the painters to wear white clothes. One thing that every one of us should agree is that white indicates cleanliness and purity. A painter is known to remove excess dirt on the walls and plaster them before painting the wall. The painters usually compare the pure white clothes to the uniform of nurses, chefs and bakers.

The theory of Philadelphia One painters is that white uniform says that they do not have paint on their clothes and they are keeping their clothes clean. The actual tradition of wearing white clothes by the painters started in 18th century from England. All the buildings were painted in white at that time in England. Another theory states that wearing white clothes by painters started from 20th century onwards when painters union considered white uniform to be kept aside from non-union workers. They used to wear white clothes with black neck ties as a mark of professionalism.

A painter in colored jeans tends to fill his clothing with many spots at the end of the day than the one with white clothing. The white clothes of the painter will indicate that the painter is going to do a nice and tidy job and takes care that his clothes are neat. This will make others to think that the painter is doing his job with lot of dedication and concentration. White clothing is easy to maintain even when the colored paint falls on them as white clothes can withstand the bleach. The colored clothes will fade when they are bleached to take off the paint. Apart from all this as the painter works most of the time in the hot sun at the outdoors white clothes reflect the sunlight instead of absorbing it. This will keep the body cooler.

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