Why do Parents abuse their children?

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Why do Parents abuse their children?

Parents hold the greatest responsibility in molding a child to become a citizen who is morally upright. However, there are parents who neglect their children, worse they abuse them. Instead of taking care of their children some parents harm their own offspring because of the following factors :

1. They are not ready to be parents. They lack necessary skill and knowledge how to discipline a child. If ever they find their children unruly, they lack patience to discipline them. What they do is to maltreat them thinking it’s the best discipline to make a child behave.

2. Some parents suffered maltreatment and abuse whey they were a child. This would cause insecurities and poor self-esteem. To take revenge, they also abuse their child. This gives them a feeling of triumph seeing their children hurt and experience the pain they had once felt.

3. Some parents suffer from stress such as financial problem, loss of job, marital challenges, and other external factors. They lost focus with their child and they always see negativity in everything that surrounds them. They could not think clearly because of the problems that cloud their minds. Their solution is to pass on what they felt to their children leading to abuse.

4. Some parents have problems with drugs and alcohol. Because of the abuse of drugs and alcohol, they become violent. They don’t know anymore what is right and wrong. Their children suffer because they can’t provide them what they need psychologically and emotionally. They left their kids uncared and unloved.

5. Some parents suffer from mental problems. Having psychological disorder, parents could no longer provide what their children need. Their mind is ruined and their behavior is altered. How could they take care of their children if they could not even take care of themselves?

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