Why Do PDF files not Open?

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Why do PDF files not open?

The PDF files are not found to be opening in Google chrome web browser. If the PDF-viewer is disabled in the Google Chrome browser, the Adobe reader will help the PDF file to open. The Chrome browser will not allow the PDF file to be opened in the internet. There was no problem with internet explorer and Fire fox in opening the PDF files while the chrome browser had problem in initiating the PDF file.

The inability to open the PDF file is observed in the case of popup blockers or in the security control settings in the computer that has to be reset. The popup windows have to be enabled to resolve the matter. The PDF (portable document format) files are generally opened using adobe reader software that is available in Adobe website.

The temporary internet files that are created can act as obstructions for the PDF file to be downloaded properly. The PDF files that are downloaded in the internet might show sometimes blank or corrupt files. These files are displayed in such a way to get damaged in the download process. The cache in the browser might be totally filled up sometimes which may not give way for the PDF file to open. So it is better to close the browser at that time and try loading it again. If this is not done, probably the damaged data might get displayed as cached information.

The problem of PDF files not opening from the internet can also be due to the active state of the option “not open PDF files in the browser” in the Adobe reader. The un-checking of this option can make the PDF files to open by clearing all the temporary internet files and refreshing the page. Opening the PDF file will take lot of temporary memory space and hence saving it and then opening it in the standalone machine can make the file to open easily. The Acrobat reader versions also might be responsible for not be able to open the document. Upgrading the version can make the PDF file to be opened easily.

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