Why Do People Have Kids?

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children-63175_640To have or not to have kids is an option

When two people marry, the result is an error in arithmetic as 1 + 1 = 3 or even more. Some couples are asking if having children is an ingredient after wedlock.

Birthrate in the U.S. is declining:

News is on the downside this year is the U.S. birth rate is still going downhill by 3% in comparison to the previous year. From 2003-2007, statistics of birth grew yearly but after 2007, it has been declining since. The latest birth count is about 4,055,000 from 4,316.233 in the previous year.

The turbulent economy is blamed for the depleting number of birth. Although the United States remains number 3 in the number of population after India and China and is projected to keep its rank until 2050.

Are having kids an option?

Having kids is neither a tradition nor an expectation. Having kids is likely to be a statement of a lifestyle choice. Couples make the decision of starting a family after reading books, articles and Web sites highlighting the financial and emotional costs of having children. Due to this knowledge, couples often think long and hard before the monumental decision to have offspring.

Plenty of people decided to have kids without considering alternatives. Sometimes, it seems wiser to weigh the arguments supporting the ‘why” and “why not.”

There are four positive reasons why you should start a family:

1. Your kids are your source of wealth

Although babies are great investments, not only on the financial aspect but it also consumes time and attention as well. However, raising a child should not be measured based on the financial aspect. In more ways than one, babies are a source of wealth and an investment that is beyond measure. No amount of money can for the true value of a new family member as children are truly priceless.

2. Kids add meaning and goodness in your life

The 2008 economic crunch in U.S. made people realize that it is not only the green bucks that offer the good things in life. Many couples discovered that money is not hindrance to the joys of parenthood. Couples are able to understand the meaning of life that only the innocent can offer. And in a way, it gives mere mortals a chance to participate with God in making a new creation.

3. Kids make you a better person

It is grueling tasks at many levels as the young requires great care from toddlers to teenagers. This responsibility stretched the couple into greater maturity and become better persons. Children have a way of reshaping adults from being self-centered to be all-giving and selfless. The demands of children are not reasons for parents to cringe from their obligation; in fact it is the crucible that brings out the best in them.

4. Kids are continuous source of inspiration and hope

Raising a kid in the present topsy-turvy world with no sense of value is like plating flowers in the Sahara Desert. While fear and anxiety are natural consequences for emotions of would-be parents but this is a great challenge for them work in showing their children the right path. Their kids will be an inspiration and hope that their effort will bear fruits in their children.

A good argument why you should have children comes from Mike Mason’s book, entitled, The Mystery of Children. Here, he describes babies like seeds that are the groundbreakers, renewers and shakers of the world that bring on a new era. Parents should not be frightened of having children; instead they should make themselves like potters that can shape this new life to bring renewal and fresh hope to the world. Children are the hope of the future!

Author: Lourdes Cedeno

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