Why do people smoke?


Why do people smoke?
According to experts, smoking is one of the most addictive habits in the world making it one of the hardest to break. Even if the government and even the cigarette manufacturers themselves put on warnings about the dangers of smoking, many are still enticed to doing it. Why?
There are many reasons why some people love to puff tobacco, cigarettes or pipes. For one, they have found that puffing smoke can give out a calming effect. Whenever one would feel stressed or nervous, sucking and inhaling the nicotine that is contained in the cigarette can give out this effect. However, nicotine can also be a very addictive substance, which is why many people find smoking a very hard habit to break.

Before smoking becomes a habit, it first starts out of peer pressure among many teenagers. They find it cool to look at when a person smokes so even if they do not really like it, they still decide to give in because they want to belong to the ‘in, crowd. Aside from whiling away the time, smoking could also be used as a way to start conversations among crowds and in parties. Some teenagers also tend to smoke if they see their parents doing the same thing.

It must be remembered though that smoking can be very dangerous to one’s health. Inhaling nicotine ‘š which, by the way, reaches the lungs in just a matter of seconds ‘š can give negative results. Blood pressures can shoot up and even if a person may feel relaxed, it is actually not feeling the same thing internally. Cigarettes do not only have nicotine inside but it also has other poisons, which could be deadly including nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide and even cyanide. Surely, you do not want this habit to result to lung cancer, right?

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