Why Do Periods Come Early?

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Why do periods come early?

There are many issues that can cause the menstrual cycle in women to occur early. Some of them are stress and clinical conditions. The stress will influence the entire body and even secretions of hormones like estrogen. The estrogen will maintain the menstruation cycle in women. If the hormone levels alter, then the periods will come early or late. Caffeine is yet another element which can alter the menstrual periods. If the woman has started recently drinking coffee or caffeinated soda, it might have caused the periods to happen very early. At this stage, caffeine can be stopped from taking in any of the forms.

If the birth control tablets or procedures are altered it affects the periods in most of the people. As the human body exhibits different response to medications of various kinds, new medication will have an impact on the cycle changes. The drugs that are used for birth control can be inhibited by the antibiotics. The weight of the person also can influence the timing of the periods. The person who is either underweight or obese will have imbalances in the hormones which can result in early or late periods and as well as skipping periods.

The pituitary hormone is an important hormone which will trigger pituitary gland. Hypo pituitarism condition will make the gland to work slowly. Pituitary gland secretes 6 main hormones and some more hormones where imbalance in any of the hormone secretion can trigger the results that are easily identified. The periods are altered due to pregnancy or due to anxiety or tension.

The other reasons that might be responsible for irregular periods are usage of drugs, weight loss, improper nutrition, intensive exercise, excess alcohol, smoking, eating disorders, caffeine, polycystic ovarian syndrome, child birth, abnormalities in uterus, medications, breast feeding and mis carriage. Irregularity in periods need not be always related to menopause. If there is any situation that creates one year disappearance of periods then it might indicate the stage of menopause. Due to some of the reasons that are revealed above, if the woman does not ovulate, then the menstrual period will alter.

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