Why Do Pigs Have Curly Tails?

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Why Do Pigs Have Curly Tails?

Pigs have curly tails for many reasons though all of them may not be factual. But these reasons are given enough importance. The tail in curly shape was known to have been bred by the breeders in China. The wild pigs that are found in China do have still straight tails. Some breeds of the pigs have curly tails as per their natural origin while some do not possess them. There is another explanation given for the curly tails of pigs which tells us about the evolutionary origin of the curly tails in pigs. The reason for the evolutionary origin for this curly tail is the fights among the pigs. It is believed that pigs bite the tails of other pigs when they are fighting with each other and create injury. This injury was the beginning for the infection and disease. If the tail is curly then they can prevent other pigs to catch hold of the tail and bite it.

Some more funny reasons for the curly tails of the pigs are that they are born during spring season, their toes cannot get curled, they cannot use any straightening agents on their tails, they make use of irons that curl their tails, and their tails were pulled by the kids so that they are curled like a spring. The domestic pig that possesses Chinese genes is known to have curly tail.

Whatever may be the funny reasons that are said to be causing curly tails in pigs, curly tail in real was a result of selective breeding done by the Chinese for aesthetic reasons. Pigs were domesticated very much in ancient days and the pigs that were having curly tails were used for generating the offsprings with the trait of curly tail. From then onwards, the curly tail trait has become common and the extent of curliness has increased further.

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