Why do Pimples hurt?

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Why do Pimples hurt?

Pimples are nuisance in our skin. These make us look ugly and uncomfortable. Pimples are great problems of everybody especially teenagers who undergo puberty. During these years, their glands become active so they produce more sebum or oil which is also the cause of pimple.

Pimples are formed because of the food we eat. If we love oily and spicy food, there is a tendency that pimples will pop out in our face. The use of cosmetics is also a factor why we suffer from pimples. If we don’t wash our faces before we sleep, our skin will be infected with dirt and bacteria.

Pollution, hormonal changes, stress, and drugs are also responsible in forming pimples in our faces. Pimples develop because of the presence of sebaceous glands. Our sebaceous glands secrete oil from our skin and blood vessels. The oil if not properly cleansed and remove will accumulate in the skin. This will block the hair follicles or pores in our skin, thus pimples will form.

With the trapped oil, bacteria can also get entrapped. Once there are bacteria, there will be infection. This causes inflammation of the pimple. This is the reason why our pimples hurt. The inflammation spread in the tissue of our skin causing a quite painful sensation.
Some pimples create pus because of the infection and this should not be pricked. The more you prick your pimples, the more painful it becomes. To avoid aggravating the pain, just let the pimple wither. The soreness will only last for 2-3 days. Rest and enough sleep are also helpful.

Make sure you eat nutritious foods such as vegetable and fruits because these contain less fat. To prevent the pimple from inflammation, you can apply ointment, gel or cream. If the pimple really hurts much, consult a dermatologist to give you proper medication.

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