Why do pine cones open and close?

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Why do pine cones open and close?

One of the most interesting among the botanical plants is the pine cones. Pine cones more commonly grow in cool places, where they are less likely to wither as they grow and become natural decorations, especially during the Christmas season. However, aside from being famously known as natural winter ornaments, pine cones have the major responsibility of the plants’ reproduction. As each cone can be distinguished as either male or female, their ability to reproduce greatly depends on their gender, therefore.

Apart from being classified according to gender, pine cones have the fascinating feature of closing and opening, more particularly the scales that they naturally have. As studies have been conducted regarding such ability, pines cones are known to close and open primarily because of their great dependency towards the climate.

Delving in depth on this matter, the basic reason for pine cones to close and open is mainly due to their primary function in the reproduction process. In order for pine cones to perform and go through the process of reproduction successfully, their scales must be open. And in order for such ability to be maintained, the climate or the environment must be warm, dry and fresh. This is adequately for seeds to be dispersed in an orderly fashion as well as the process of germination to be duly accomplished. But when pine cones are found to be close, this is an indication that the environment they are in are wet and cold and can only hamper the process of reproduction that pine cones go through.

For many years, pine cones have put many people into great awe as to how they have the ability to open and close. It is vital therefore, to find interest in the natural things that exist.

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