Why do Poets use rhyme?

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Why do Poets use rhyme?

Song lyrics and crafts are passed to the next generation through rhymes and rhythms. The poetry is also written to entertain and enrich people with knowledge in literature as well as help them to memorize the verses. Rhymes are used as a mark of mnemonic which helps the people to recite it repeatedly. Repeated recitation results in immediate implementation of good thoughts that were inherited through these rhymes. Some poems appear to be providing suggestions to a person in his profession. For example, a sailor was given hints to protect the cable from weather and wear by using the words like righty, tighty, lefty and loosey.
In poetry, when long stories are told based on the memory, the story is made short by cutting the concept or theme into small lines which are rhythmic and rhyming. If the concept in the story is not remembered by the narrator properly, he can get back to the general idea of the story which will fit into the rhyming frame. He can also take care that rhythm was not missed. Here, rhyme and rhythm can eradicate any errors might have been created while modifying the story. The errors can occur due to memory failure or long gap. If a person was explaining the story context and suddenly forgets some part of the story, he can recall it based on rhythm and rhyme. For saying astride his stallion”, he might change it a little bit and say as on his horse”.
There is also an opinion among the poets that they do not intentionally write all the poems with some pre-planned rhyming. If some of the poems were written with proper rhyming and rhythm, some do come out in a flow simply. The poets who have grip in the language would be able to write the poem rhythmically even if it is written abruptly. But, for those inexperienced it is necessary for them to plan for the rhyming in writing certain poems.

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