Why do Pregnant Women throw up?

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Why do Pregnant Women throw up?

Pregnant women experience a variety of bodily changes that greatly affect their physical, social and emotional relationship towards themselves and others. Women undergo three identified stages of pregnancy that should be significantly understood primarily by the couple expecting a child. The first stage of pregnancy is mostly confined within the first three months of pregnancy. In this stage, the body is initially adjusting to the forming fetus inside and experiences changes that are proven to be well compensated as the pregnancy progresses. On the second stage of pregnancy, significant developmental milestones in the mother’s womb can be evidently observed. And on the last stage of pregnancy, the mother should be gradually prepared in presenting the baby to the outside world.

With the first stage of pregnancy as the primary focus, the most common concern that pregnant women raise is the experience of throwing up. This condition is known as morning sickness and is deemed to part of the normal cycle of pregnancy. It has been documented that there are several factors that cause pregnant women to throw up. The major role players for one to experience this are the hormones. There are two hormones that are responsible for pregnant women throwing up the hormones were identified to be the HCG and estrogen. It was discovered that as the levels of these hormones rise during the first stage of pregnancy due to significant changes that the body is undergoing, morning sickness is one consequence of such rise. Another reason why pregnant women throw up is because their sensitivity to smell has become enhanced thereby causing them to vomit if they tend to smell something they obviously do not like.

This condition will eventually subside as the body learns to adjust and adapt to the changes.

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