Why do prunes make you poop?

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Why do prunes make you poop?

Prunes are one type of fruit that is originally among the variety of plums, specifically the Prunus domestica or European Plum. Usually sold in dry consistency, prunes are described to be wrinkly in its outward appearance and have a chewy flesh once ingested. There are several varieties of prunes being cultivated, mostly in the United States. In general context, fresh prunes have pits that can be easily removed, also known as freestone cultivars, whereas most other plums grown for fresh consumption have pits that are difficult to remove. Fresh prunes reach the market earlier than fresh plums and are usually smaller in size. As the production and demand of prunes have gradually increased through the times, its use gradually expanded as well. Prunes have been basically utilized in making sweet savory dishes such as in North African dishes and a Jewish dish called the Tzimmes. Prunes have also known to add flavor to desserts like fruit cakes, sugar plums and famous Norwegian desserts known as fruktsuppe and sviskekompott.

In the consumption of prunes, it is expected that several hours after, the urge to defecate can be felt and bowel elimination will eventually follow. Prunes make one poop because studies have shown that prunes are one natural laxative as it contains dihydrophenylisatin. More so, prunes contain a dietary fiber, approximately six percent per one gram of prune. Because of this significant content, prunes have become one natural remedy for cases of constipation as well as having positive effects in the acid levels of the body.

Prunes are excellent for increasing one’s vitality. In addition to that, it is known to have high antioxidant content that helps to slow aging process of the brain and body. Prunes therefore, can be a perfect part of one’s diet.

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