Why do pugs have flat faces?

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Pugs are breed of dogs that are classified under the toy dogs category.  Being under this category, authentic pugs are expected to weigh up to a maximum of 18 pounds only.  At this weight, pugs are considered the biggest in their category.  In terms of physical features, pugs are known to have wrinkled and flat faces.  One basic thing that contributes to the flat face in pugs is their short snouts.  With the short snout, the pug’s face has the tendency to become flat.  The flat facial feature is also accentuated with very minimal or no chin as standard in pugs today.

Aside from the short snout though, another reason why pugs have flat faces is because of the way they were bred.  Pugs are said to have originally came from China back in the ancient times.  Pugs in those times were said to look differently from the pugs of present times but the dogs used for breeding them were already short-snouted.  Records have also shown that the Chinese bred three different dogs in order to produce the early ancestors of pugs.  Over time, some of these dogs were brought to some countries in Europe and this has led to further cross-breeding with other dogs.  It was in 1800 when the pug breed was said to become more standardized with specific features in terms of the face, the body, the legs, and the tail.  By the time dog shows became popular, pugs also became popular for their short snouts and seemingly flat face.  Many records have also indicated that the Chinese origin of the pug breed has the largest influence in terms of the flat-face appearance of modern-day pugs.  Many of the characteristics of the original Chinese-bred pug were retained over time, even after these dogs were introduced in Europe.  When dog experts are consulted, pugs have specific characteristics and their flat wrinkled faces are just one of them.


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