Why do Pugs lick?

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Why do Pugs lick?

Many people, who have pugs as pets, often see them licking the human faces or anything that it likes. Pugs also lick their own mouth and their feet. It is felt by some that this behavior of the pugs is due to some stress or worry it is experiencing. There is a doubt expressed by some whether it is a type of sickness. It is an opinion that pugs might be hungry always. But, though it is given with food, it seems to be uncomfortable.
Probably the pugs have some problem with their digestive system when they start licking. It appears that in a situation, a pug will belch loudly and then seems to be feeling comfortable. Before it gives out belch, it remains restless, stands up, then sits for few seconds and then stands which indicate that it is still uncomfortable and inconvenient. Some pugs were also observed to be licking when they see other pugs near them; probably they think that the new pug will occupy its place.
Dogs rarely lick themselves to clean their body unlike cats. If the licking by the pug is causing some health problems then it is better to take it to a Veterinary doctor. The medicines that can reduce the urge for licking are available now. Pugs lick sometimes due to the presence of parasitic infection on its skin. Excessive licking and chewing of its own skin might cause sores, hair loss or redness. Bathing the pugs with medicated shampoo can bring some relief from the infections.
Some pugs have long hair which gets tangled and cause discomfort to it. Pugs might lick to untangle this hair. Any thorns might also get caught in the fur on the skin which might be chewed or licked by the dog to remove it. Hitting or screaming the pugs might frighten them and they start licking and chewing due to stress. It is necessary for the humans to stay with patience and observe the exact reason for licking. Then it becomes easy to solve the problem.

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