Why do Puppies get Worms?

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Why do Puppies get worms?

Puppies are basically the offspring of dogs. In line with their youthfulness, puppies are typically distinct from what dogs obviously possess. Puppies are characteristically cute and serene as they tend to be lifeless in the early stages of life. Successively, they are able to socialize and interact with other dogs despite still being dependent to their mother to be fed. This stage in their life is one vital sequence as this requires adequate nutrition and healthy interaction to facilitate their growth and social ability.

Health is another concern among puppies. Many individuals have encountered problems with their puppies obtaining worms. Puppies tend to harbor significant amount of worms due to several reasons, as identified by animal lovers and experts.

Puppies can get worms from different sources. Contaminated water is one reason for puppies getting worms. Once dirty have been ingested, several kinds of worms can grow within, particularly in their digestive system. The same is true when dirty sources are accidentally ingested or unconsciously guarded.

Another reason why puppies get worms is because of the immaturity of their systems. Juvenile as they are, the body organs they have typically are not yet fully developed. Thus, when they are able to ingest some food that contains foreign organisms such as hookworms, tapeworms and roundworms, their body is still insufficient to counteract the presence of worms.

Aside from what has been cited, puppies get worms because of the contaminated environment that facilitates growth of unpleasant creatures like worms. As natural wanderers, puppies never care less of what they can see, smell and eat. In this light, puppies have the greatest risk of getting worms in the most unlikely environment.

It is important therefore, that owners of puppies take good care of their puppies to prevent getting worms.

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