Why Do Quadrilaterals Tessellate?

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Why Do Quadrilaterals Tessellate?

Learning the techniques in tessellating quadrilaterals and triangles can be one of the biggest mathematical challenges for students. Tesselating quadrilaterals always come next to learning how to tessellate triangles since it has four sides and the triangle has four. This can also really be brain storming in the part of most students particularly those that lacks passion in solving logic.

When quadrilaterals tessellate, it usually fill a limited or endless space with no common characteristics or slits between shapes. In Geometry, all quadrilaterals tessellate because they cab all be connected together next to various shapes and forms without common characteristics. Tessellation is also known as tiling of the plane.

It is a collection of plain figures which fills a certain plane without common characteristic and gaps. It is often seen all the way through the ancient and modern art history. Tessellation is also derived from the Latin word Tessella which means a small square or cubical piece of glass, clay, or stones.

Quadrilateral tessellation can form a two fold rotational centers at the midpoints of each sides. Regular quadrilateral tessellation is a symmetric tessellation which is made up of matching polygons. There are only three formulas of tessellation exist.

The first is the equilateral, second is the quadrilaterals, and the third is for the triangles. Every formula varies depending on the polygon that you will tessellate. Hence these formulas can further be seen and realized over geometry books and through researching mathematical help using your internet connection.

Tessellation might be one of the most challenging mathematical problems that you have to solve. But, believe it or not this could also be one of your best experiences in studying math as it is not only challenging and brain storming but is also a great experience and learning especially for students who really loves logic.

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