Why do Ralph and Piggy join the Dance?

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Why do Ralph and Piggy join the Dance?

One of the best and most influential movies in the past few decades is probably the Lord of the Flies. This movie has everything that you could ever ask for in a movie including drama, romance, action and definitely a lot of adventure. The story line is great as well and the movie has taken on kind of a cult following since it was released a few years ago. There are many great characters that people really attached themselves to, but probably the two that got most of the attention before, during and after the film was made were most likely Ralph and Piggy, who were the two kids in the movie.

One of the most classic scenes in the film is when all of the cast members circle around and get into a big dance type thing. Against their own good judgment, Ralph and Piggy decide to join in with all of the activities and end up paying a severe price for it. The reasons behind them deciding to join in on the dance have always been kind of sketchy, but I believe the answer is pretty clear as to why they felt the need to join in. They felt pretty much forced by peer pressure to get themselves involved in the dance and we all know how powerful peer pressure can be on you when you are a kid and trying to fit in somewhere.

There are many different morals throughout this movie and I feel that the one that stands out is not giving into peer pressure or not allowing yourself to pressure someone else into doing something that they probably do not want to do in the first place. This could really help with a child’s mental development and will hopefully lead to better decision making down the line for many people in their lifetime.

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