Why do Rangers fans wear antlers?

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Why do Rangers fans wear antlers?

The Texas rangers are baseball player team. The fans of Texas rangers wear antlers on their heads. The Texas rangers wear T-shirts which have the painting of deer antlers. The fans of rangers also have a claw on the front and spread both of their open hands at the back of their heads indicating the antlers of the deer.

The Claw and Antlers” are the symbols used by the rangers as well as the fans of rangers. The symbol of claw represents a good play. When the players are referred to a deer running faster and perform a hustling play then they are compared with deer antlers. This symbol indicates that the players are as fast as the deer. The speed of the player is represented by the deer and hence the symbol of antlers encourages the fans to cheer up the rangers as baseball players.

The symbols of claws and antlers have become so popular symbols painted on the T-shirts wore by the fans. The front part of the T-shirt has claws and the back has deer with antlers. These two features like claws and antlers indicate the celebratory gestures of the players. The symbol of claw” is shown by the players as high-five to each other from a long distance. They show this sign with their hands whenever they perform some good during the game. This symbol was primarily used by Esteban German in small leagues. Then the rangers started using this which was brought to them by Nelson Cruz.

If the player has performed something special in the game, the sign of antlers will be shown to him in order to keep up his speed. He will be encouraged to maintain the same speed which might help him in other situations in the game. The claw is the gesture made by the rangers when anyone makes a hit. The antler is the gesture shown when the rangers create the play on the bases. The fans just show the gestures of the players by using their hands as well as by wearing the T-shirts.

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