Why do rebates take so long to process?

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Rebates are often offered by various companies to entice customers into buying certain products or services.  These marketing tools are often effective because it literally offers some kind of cash-back guarantee to purchases.  A bag that is sold for 100 dollars for example may also be offered with some rebates in the form of actual cash discounts like a 20-dollar rebate or in the form of  discount percentage like 50% rebate guarantee.  Most rebates are also processed through standard mail and many companies have lots of requirements before customers may actually avail them.  With this kind of process, many customers also ask why it takes quite a long period before rebates are processed and rightfully given to them.  Most customers even complain that many companies actually seem reluctant in honoring their promise of a rebate after a product purchase.

Rebate processing is typically lengthened or prolonged by various companies by choice.  Experts actually point out that many companies admit to the fact that they are delaying the processing of rebates for the obvious reason of holding on to their money and hoping that the customers will give up on the rebate process.  Many companies actually aim for a more laborious process in terms of filling out forms and submitting other required documents.  This is done to basically discourage customers to process their rebates in the first place.  Rebates are basically used to lure customers to buy certain products and not to be processed thereafter.  The longer the wait for customers in terms of processing the higher the chances those customers will also give up on filing for rebates.  When this scenario happens, companies will be able to keep more of their money.  There are also times that the rebate processing delay is caused by too much paper work and the use of standard mailing services instead of various electronic or online means.

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