Why do Roosters crow in the Morning?

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Why do Roosters crow in the Morning?

Roosters crow in order to show other roosters that it is their territory. It is said that roosters crow in the morning but researchers have observed that they crow at all the times whether it is morning, afternoon or in the evening. Many researchers have found that rooster crowing in the early morning is just a coincidence. The roosters crow to show their authority over other roosters. Birds are more active at day light and especially at the dawn. They tend to sing in the early morning and make all other roosters come to know about their territory.
The roosters crowing at the other times of the day might be to communicate the other group members to hear to their call and flock together to one location if they have gone farther. Some roosters were found to crow at 3.00AM and some at 4.30AM. Many people think that roosters have a sense of responding to the first sign of sunlight. They also seem to follow circadian rhythms. Probably the internal clock of the rooster might have got stimulated when the sunshine appears first. They crow at the early morning in order to be prepared for yet another new day and to start collecting the food. Some roosters are seen crowing well before the sunrises probably because their internal clocks are set a little bit early.
It is also believed that roosters crow at the starting of the day to frighten the rival males and drive them away from their region. They particularly do this when there is day light as it is not convenient for them to go for a fight in the dark. When the day light begins probably they remember that it is time for them to warn the intruders if any. They are active in the morning enough to face the battle with the intruders.

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