Why do rubber bands last longer when refrigerated?

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Why do rubber bands last longer when refrigerated?

Rubber bands are mainly tools of women as they use it more. But there are other uses of rubber bands too. But it’s not sure that who has tried the fact of keeping the rubber band refrigerated to increase the longevity of it. Question might arise that why would rubber bands last longer when refrigerated.

Cold atmosphere causes every material to get harder. As molecular compaction increases the density rises on the higher side. There are some fundamental aspects in some material to break down when it faces coldness. Rubber is not something that has good associations of working in cold. In commercial cases rubber band is kept in an airtight pack. It is a good idea to keep the rubber band refrigerated before use for a time being so that it doesn’t get deformed to plastic nature.

It’s actually not too sure that how much longevity a rubber band gets if it was refrigerated but keeping it to a drier place and keeping it out of sunlight in an air packed atmosphere, it can certainly increase the long lasting of the rubber band. But if you still believe strongly that rubber bands would be long lasting by keeping them refrigerated, you should not hesitate and listen to your heart. After all, it’s just a rubber band.

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