Why do school shootings happen?

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School shootings are the compulsory events which associate the children who are ideal with the society which is nihilist.  The school shooter is not considered a psychopath who is bad but is looked upon as a crusader acting against immoral group in the society.  The reason behind school shootings is not understood properly. The destruction that occurred at Virginia Tech can be examined at this point to understand a little bit about school shootings.

The person who created lot of disturbance at the Virginia Tech school was observed to be distracted emotionally and also had a mental deficiency. The young person was able to buy the weapons in spite of his mental state. He was criticized and teased in the school by some people and was found unable to bear this anymore. He developed a grudge over those people who bullied him. He took the chance to kill them and did not feel anything bad about this. Hence, school shootings might take place due to bullying and suffering in the school because of some people who participate in bullying.

In some schools, students are teased very intensely until they cannot bear it anymore. The students are made to face lot of stress. After taking all the stress into their minds, one day they become bold enough to vent their rage and start shooting in the school. If the parents feel bad about their children who are bullied, they try to solve the issue by taking their child to a psychiatrist. But the children do not feel comfortable to be taken to the psychiatrist and think that their parents are not able to understand them properly and consider them as psychos. The shootings in the school result as the children think that they are alone and not liked by other people. They lose their control when they think that school life is everything in their life. They will not believe someone who tells them the fact that school is just one part of their lives. They probably do not listen to their parents at that age. Hence, school shootings happen.

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