Why do Schools ban books?

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Why do Schools ban books?

Not all books are useful in schools. There are some books that are banned because these are not appropriate for school children and students. Here are some reasons why schools ban books:

Some books are banned because they are thought to be racist. A very good example of this is The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” which uses the word nigger” which is a racial insult. Another book is Winnie the Pooh.” Because of piglet, Muslim countries don’t allow this to be read by children because pigs are considered dirty for Muslims.

Some books portray sexual scenes, profanity, and prostitution. There are words that are vulgar which are not appropriate for the public especially for children. Examples of these books are To Kill a Mockingbird” and The Lord of the Flies.”
There are also books that do not show good values, such as, disrespect and using the Lord’s name in vain. Examples of these books are Bridge to Terabithia” and Of Mice and Men.”
The use of witchcraft and fantasy can also confuse children. This is the reason why Harry Potter” is also banned in some schools.
There are books which are inappropriate for children because of too much violence and portrayal of indecent events. Since the children are not yet ready for this kind of scenario, reading this book will also cause them to be more curious.
There are also books that show societal problems, such as, crime, drugs use, and prostitution. These books are only appropriate for open-minded readers who can take in different views and situations in the society. For children, they are not yet ready to absorb these kinds of information because they are too young to understand these problems.
There are also history books that attack a country especially when the article is about war. This type of information usually degrades the integrity and reputation of a certain nation. That’s why some of these books are censored.

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