Why do Schools Block Websites?

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Why do schools block websites?

There are several reasons for the schools to block the websites. Some of the schools tend to block the adult sites. These adult sites are illegal to be viewed and they do not impart any education to the children. But, today children are prevented from using not the above mentioned sites. Instead, the children are not allowed to see the educational sites. The children are not allowed to have fun out of some entertaining sites. It would be necessary for the school children to have fun along with education. So, it is not apt to block all the sites meant for fun and entertainment. The adult sites have to be prevented from looking at.

There are some reasons that are put forward by the schools for having blocked the websites. They are justifying the reasons for the block. The usage of the websites that are not deserved to be watched at might be blocked as it is waste of time. Blocking the websites was a method of censorship or a method of resource management.

The schools will block the websites that are not necessary for the learning process of students. It is not essential for the students to bother much about the sites that are blocked. Instead, they can feel happy about using the computer s for free in the school. It must be really disturbing the student’s work in the school to browse into unnecessary websites. There are valid reasons for avoiding the porn sites which are not important to anyone and especially to the children. The social websites like Face book is also not necessary for the students while they are in the school as it might create lot of distractions. The United States government has passed a resolution to block the social networking areas like My Space and chat rooms in the school. The schools spend lot of money to provide the students facilities to learn through the internet and in using computers. So, it is not wise on the part of the students to waste their time by browsing the sites that are not educational. In school, students have to get the information from the internet which would help them in learning the subjects more.

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