Why Do Schools Exist?

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Why Do Schools Exist?

Initially the schools were established to teach the basics of writing, reading and doing arithmetic to men and teach the basics of taking care of home for women. The schools that were called normal schools were dealing with education of religion in the American colonies. Education was found to be necessary for the clergy as well as for the upper classes of the society. The school is a means by which low income population can enter into jobs in companies that require vocational training. All the social changes that make the children to rule, training of adults, and for leadership policies education is necessary.

The public schools are for transforming the children into educated American citizens. The education that is achieved by the educator who is going to teach in the future will be the reason for the success of teaching. The individual can learn the course work, gain field experiences, confidence and knowledge to make it sure that the teacher will be more successful. This success achievement for several times will enable success to depend on solid foot hold on historical and philosophical basis for education. The individual will gain a personal philosophy through education and tends to spread that philosophy to the students. This can be done by watching out the purpose of education, several philosophies in the history, and the reason for interest in taking teaching as profession.

There are many reasons describing the purpose of education. The education is acquired to gain knowledge, develop wisdom, learning the skills and to make the students to understand culture through socialization. Schools exist to impart education which equips the children with the enough ability to be responsible in a complex society. Schools exist to teach the children about getting familiarized to socialization. Knowledge can be attained by experience too after some basic training. There are some people who explain that the purpose of schools is for self development. This means that the talents and abilities of the person are cultivated and developed gradually through knowledge. This gained knowledge can be distributed later to the family and public. The schools exist because every productive student from the schools will turn out to be citizen of local and global communities.

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