Why do secret service wear sunglasses?

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Why do secret service wear sunglasses?

In general terms, secret service encapsulates various kinds of police or intelligence organizations, which is mainly concerned with gathering significant critical data. As one of the existing government agencies, the tasks and functions of the secret service can vary from one country to another. For some, the secret service functions in the conduction of surveillance operations while others have functions beyond the scope of surveillance. Secret services can be comprised of the secret police or intelligence agencies, created and established by the government per se.

In western countries, the secret service agents typically have distinct clothes that help people identify that they are working for the secret service. However, for some other countries, they prefer their secret service agents to wear their casual clothes, to prevent any suspicions to arise. The typical get up of most secret service agents is a tuxedo, a long coat, a hat and sunglasses. Among the mentioned apparels, the wearing of the sunglasses has been a common query. There are several reasons why secret service wears sunglasses. For one, sunglasses protect their eyes from the scorching glare of the sun’s rays. This helps them see things clearly and their vision will not be disturbed by any reflections and refractions brought about by the sun’s position changes. As their work requires a lot of skimming and looking through tall buildings, narrow streets and shaded places, the wearing of sunglasses permits them to see things at a keener perception. In addition to that, the secret service wears sunglasses to express a sense of authority towards the public and it gives them some boost in confidence as they are able to carry out necessary actions without being identified by the public.

Until this time, sunglasses are worn by most secret service agents.

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