Why do Sharks attack?

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Why do Sharks attack?

Sharks attack the humans and it is reported that about 60 attacks by the shark occurred all over the world. Shark attacks are shown mostly in the series of Jaws”. Some experts say that the danger due to sharks has been exaggerated in the fictional films and horror movies. The shark attacks are classified as two types. The first one is provoked attack and the other one is unprovoked attack. Unprovoked attacks constitute hit and run attack, sneak attack (fatal) and bump and bite attack. In the two types of unprovoked attacks that are not fatal, the shark was found to bite the victim and get away fast.

Sharks are called as Apex predators as they stand on the top of the food chain. They do not have any more predators that can kill them and eat. Sharks are not afraid of any creature that comes in their path. Sharks will be very enthusiastic to know about something that intrudes in their territory. To fight with any object or organism that intrudes their territory they do not have any special limbs like hands. The only way they can do that is by biting. This first bite was named as exploratory bite. The shark will go away after it bites the organism it encounters in its region. Shark generally bites as soon as it sees the person surfing and it thinks that the shape coming nearer to it is like a prey. If the shark is a great white or tiger shark then the human injured by its bite may die as these are dangerous predators.

But recent research has proved that except in some situations or cases, sharks do not attack humans for food. As the humans do not provide high fat content diet for the shark and will not be sufficient for its food, shark will neither depend on humans for food nor does it consider humans as its suitable prey. Sharks usually injure an organism and leave it temporarily so that it will die. Later it will return and take it as food. This behavior of shark is to avoid the aggressive encounter from the opponent organism which it injures. It is found that sharks also attack the people who tend to injure the fish by detecting the signal through its electrical receptors.

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