Why do shoes squeak?

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Why do shoes squeak?

Shoes are commonly worn type of footwear that is more opted, especially when various activities are involved. The first known kind of shoes is the sandals, which was discovered in 1938 in the state of Oregon and was found to be from eight thousand to seven thousand BC. The oldest leather shoes were found to come from 3500 BC, after it was just discovered in a cave in Amenia in 2008. From a simple foot bag, the evolution of shoes greatly occurred. Over the years various types, models and designs have been innovated and created, basically to meet the increasing demands of shoes. Today, rubber, plastics, synthetic cloth, and other industrial adhesive materials are being utilized that deviates from the traditional crafting techniques of making shoes. The basic classification of shoes depends greatly on one’s gender. There are shoes made specifically for men as well as there are shoes made only for women. More so, shoes come in various because of various purposes. Some are for formal occasions, others for outdoor activities while some other types of shoes are worn on a daily basis.

Shoe have various parts and can even have accessories attached to it. Among the several shoe parts, most people are highly concerned with the soles of shoes. The most common concern regarding the sole of shoes is its production of a squeaky sound. Although there are a number of reasons for those squeaky shoes, one ultimate culprit is the rubber material being used as the main component of its sole. Another reason why there are shoes that squeak is because of the fact that the shoes could be wet. Water within the sole becomes compressed as pressured is put on the sole, squeezing the water out, thus the squeaky sound is produced.

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