Why Do Siamese Cats Bite?

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Why Do Siamese Cats Bite?

Siamese cat is one breed of cat that came from Southeast Asia. It is slim but the body is well-muscled. Its neck is long with a slender tail. Its outer covering is composed of glossy, tight, and fine fur.

Siamese cats are social animals. They love to be with people but sometimes they have very short temperament. They are quite sensitive that’s why when they experience change in mood, they usually bite.
Siamese cats bite because of the following reasons:
These cats get irritated when they are overstimulated. They can be very sensitive so when you try to touch some parts of their bodies such as the back or belly, they might be uncomfortable so they bite. When you notice that the Siamese bites you when you touch a certain area, then avoid touching it because you will be surely be bitten.
Petting the Siamese cats can have a different meaning to them. Instead of seeing it as sign of security or care, they might misinterpret that as sign of danger. When the Siamese cats feel fear when stroke, they become aggressive and bite.

Cats have very confusing behaviors. Even if their owners pet them, they will still lash out and bite. But then, they will still give signals when they are annoyed such as ear flicking or growling.
Things that scare the cat may also cause them to bite someone. When they are shocked because they see something unusual such as running toy cars, vacuum cleaners, etc, they might run to you and bite you. When this happens, never pull away from the cat because it will just bite harder.

Siamese cats bite you when you touched something that hurts them even if they like that area to be touched. If you noticed this incident, consult your veterinarian. Your cat may not be feeling well.

Siamese cats also have feelings. If you understand their behavior and show them comfort and love, they’re tendency to bite will lessen.

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