Why do siblings fight so much?

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Why do siblings fight so much?

It can be observed that some of the siblings are lucky enough to be friendly with one another. But, it is common that brothers and sisters fight with each other often. They fight just for fun or sometimes seriously. In some occasions, the siblings adore one another and in some situations they detest one another.

The conflicts or rivalry between the siblings will start long before the second child is born. The fighting continues as the siblings compete for toys and other valuable things. When the brothers and sisters grow eventually, during their development they tend to aspire for more and more things. As they grow older, their specific needs will influence their relationship with each other.

It is really frustrating and stressful for the parents and other relatives to see the siblings fight among themselves. Sometimes the fighting becomes so complicated that the elders and even the neighbors will not be able to solve the problem. But, steps can be taken to make the environment peaceful. There can be so many reasons for the siblings to quarrel with each other. Most of the brothers and sisters fight among themselves out of jealousy and competition. There are other factors involved in the siblings to fight with each other.

The changing needs of the kids, their thoughts and ideas, their passions, their anxieties and significantly their identity can get affected. If these factors are affected, then the relationship between the kids can also be affected. It is natural for the kids to differ personally in the above mentioned aspects. If one child is provided with a toy, the other will compete for it and the fighting will be initiated between them. Similarly, a teenager will have passion for being fashionable rather than looking after the house hold responsibilities. These are some of the variations in the thinking of the kids and youngsters that might influence their behavior with their brothers and sisters.

Siblings fight due to some more reasons like differences in individual temperaments, if the kid is sick with some special disorder or disease and if the kids see their parents often conflicting with each other.

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