Why do SIMS glow red?

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SIMS is a very popular role-playing game wherein players can basically create characters with attributes and attitudes to their own liking. There are stand-alone versions for the game and there are also online versions wherein various players can interact with other players regardless of their location. The SIMS game has become so popular that it has spawned various versions and spin-offs. In the SIMS 3 game version, many players have asked about the red glow in some of their characters. Not many players are aware on what the red glow means if a particular character is seemingly glowing in this particular color in some situations. The red glow in SIMS characters is said to be an “evil” attribute or trait. In terms of lifestyle, characters in the SIMS game can be created with different traits including Evil ones. For players who wish to create their characters with this trait, they may notice that at some point in the game, this particular SIM character will be glowing with the red color. This occurrence simply means that the character involved has an Evil trait or is the so-called Emperor of Evil.

In SIMS 3, the Evil trait is typically chosen for characters that are to become criminals or thieves. Just like in real life, some characters are created to be bad or evil. Evil characters are obviously expected to have conflicts with the so-called good guys or those that are labeled as People Pleasers. Despite being classified as Evil, characters with this trait also have advantages and these include being able to survive in dark places and being able to handle fights with other characters more effectively. In order for other players to know the traits of other players, the Evil ones often will glow red in some encounters. The glowing of color will basically help other players in the game to recognize if the character they are in contact with is either good or bad.

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