Why do skiers get sunburned in the winter?

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Why do skiers get sunburned in the winter?

What would be the best day for skiing? A beautiful sunny day with a blue sky having no signs of cloud! Don’t be so careless for skiing at mountains. You are highly recommended to take steps that will protect you from the sunburn. Now the question is why skiers get sunburned in winter!

Yeah, you heard it right. You can get sunburned in the winter. No matter how cold it is. Skiers have the most possibility to get sunburned. Some scientific reasons are behind it to get easily sunburned for the skiers. If there is no cloud in the sky then you can get sunburned very easily. We know that skiers have to reach high at the mountains which is above the sea level and we could reach at a fairly higher ground. In that case they come closer to the sun. Environment goes thinner as we go higher from the sea level. So, the environment at the point where skier go is thinner than of the ground level. UV (Ultra Violate) rays which is very dangerous for our skin and eyes, can pass easily from thinner atmosphere.

Another problem in the winter is the snow itself. Snow reflects the light of the sun. Then you have to count sunlight double times. For this you must pay for a better pair of goggles for the eyes to protect them from the sunlight. Sub burn can cause you dangerous accidents while skiing. The reflection of the snow could be dangerous. Even if the curious mind questions that how ice could reflect sunlight, it would be better for you to think before leaping while going for skiing by taking necessary precautions.

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