Why Do Sneakers Squeak?

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Why do sneakers squeak?

The shoes squeak when the person who is wearing them walks. The sound made by the shoes is due to the rubbing of the material with which they are made. The main reason for the squeaking sound of shoes is friction. If two materials are rubbing on each other, the friction will generate vibrations that also create sound with the irritating squeak. To know about the area in the shoes from which sound is generated, the origin of vibrations has to be identified. The source of friction has to be identified correctly to know the reason for squeaking.

The squeak might have been generated when the tongue region is rubbing the laces. In the heel region of the shoes, if there is any sound coming out from the heel, then it may become very loose. The sound at the heels might have been created if the heel is not pasted or nailed tightly. The shoes might also squeak from inside.

For all the squeaking shoes, it is good to generally lubricate them using conditioning oil. This application of oil has to be done in the regions of the shoes which keep on rubbing each other with the same material. It is normal for the new shoes to squeak for some time after they are bought. But, after some time the squeaking will disappear. If the squeaking is not resolved, it indicates that there is some fault with the shoes.

Though there are several sophisticated varieties of shoes that are available in the market, the reason for the squeaking sound is that the shoes are wet. The sound might also result when the material of the shoes ruptures on itself when the person walks or runs. It is found that sneakers today are provided with airbags below their soles. When these airbags break, it causes even a brand new shoe also to make squeaking noise.

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