Why do Sociologists study religion?

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Why do Sociologists study religion?

Religion is an important aspect of any tradition, culture, and customs. This is the reason why sociologists have to study religion.
To study any society, one needs to have a clear background of the history and religion which are by far two of the most important aspects in knowing the behavior and ethnicity of the people within a society. Religion can give enough information especially in how people behave and why people behave as they do.

Some archaeological remains which were used to study the past can be traced back to the religious rites of the people. Sociologists need to study the rituals of a certain culture to be able to understand the environment and the people living in it.
Religion can be an expression of the society. Any person is easy to understand and be recognized according to his religious beliefs. It creates attachment between people, and it can create its own culture within a certain religious sector.
How a person acts and worships is better understood because of religion, and this can also explain why there is a culture that evolves in a society. What a society projects and how the people reflect its attitudes can be traced back to his religion. The religion also determines cultural changes. By knowing the pattern of the religious beliefs of a certain community, it is also easy to recognize and appreciate why people interact the way they do.
Sociologists have to study religion because they will be able to decipher problems and puzzles brought about by the intricacies of any culture. By understanding the theories behind any religion, a sociologist can conclude why those cultural practices are being exhibited.
Religion can be considered as a central element of the sociological discipline. Sociologists who study religion can contribute much to the understanding of how religion functions for the society and the individual as well.

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