Why Do Software Testing?

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Why do software testing?

The software testing is performed to monitor the efficiency of the program and carries out the necessary results. Testing is important for maintaining the software quality and is mostly implemented by the testers and programmers. As the principles of software are very limited to be understood, software testing is visualized as an art.

The complexity that lies in the software makes it necessary for it to be tested. The program with moderate complexity cannot be completely tested. The errors in software can result in nothing or a large amount of money. The software testing can also lead to life loss. There are situations that were reported in many stories that computer systems have failed due to errors in software. There might be many reasons for the system to be failed. But the most important reason is that the software is not tested. In the development of new systems in the past there were huge destructions which showed large losses financially. These destructions could have been restricted by efficient testing.

Testing is classified other than debugging. Testing can be quality assurance, validation and verification, or estimation of reliability. Testing space is again considered as correctness testing and reliability testing. Testing of the software is a balance in between time, finance and quality. The software is tested to improve the quality of it, to verify and validate, to estimate the reliability of the software.

The quality of the software cannot be tested directly. It can be tested in terms of interior, exterior and future quality. The exterior quality is otherwise called as functionality, interior quality comes under engineering and future quality comes under adaptability. Functionality can be classified as reliability, correctness, integrity and usability of the program. All these subdivisions in functionality of the software are tested to confirm the exterior quality. The factors like testability, efficiency, structure and documentation are tested for interior quality of the software. The factors like reusability, maintenance and flexibility can be monitored for testing the adaptability of the software. Hence testing of the software is very much necessary.

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