Why do spayed dogs hump?

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Spaying in female dogs involves surgical removal of their uterus and ovaries so they would not become pregnant anymore. Despite this procedure though, many spayed dogs continue to hump and mount other dogs and still display their sexual nature. With this kind of behavior, many pet owners and other people wonder why this is so. Some people think that spaying should have taken out the sexual tendency of female dogs but many of them have seen otherwise.

When the experts are asked on this subject, many would point out that even puppies hump on other puppies at their very young age. For many experts, humping by spayed dogs is not actually related to sexual activity but rather more of a playful gesture. The dogs try to mount each other even when they are puppies and so when they get to become adults, many of them continue to become playful and do some humping activities. In the eyes of human beings, the humping may look very sexual when in fact it may only be a form of play or social bonding between dogs. The only problem is that many people only accept male dogs as the sexual group and always wonder if the humping is done by female dogs, especially those that are spayed.

There are also experts that say humping in spayed female dogs may also serve a social purpose for them. For dogs who want to display their dominance over other dogs, they may project so by mounting or humping on them. A simple playful gesture like humping is said to be perceived as a sign of dominance in the world of dogs.

For many pet owners, the humping movements by their spayed dogs may cause some embarrassment and probably some giggles from other people. It also doesn’t help if the pet owners themselves explain the situation in behalf of their dogs. As for the experts, many of them suggest to let the dogs be themselves and accept them for what they are regardless of their social behavior.

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