Why Do Tarantulas Have Hair?

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Why Do Tarantulas Have Hair?

Tarantulas are large hairy arachnids with a length of 1-4 inches. Tarantulas may be scary to look at but these are already becoming popular pet in some countries.

What makes tarantula frightening is its hair. This hair serves important functions to this arachnid. The hair serves as the protection of tarantula because it covers whole part of its body. The stinging hair becomes the defense mechanism of the tarantula from its predators. Once an attacker takes hold of tarantula, there will be effects such as allergic reactions or even blindness.

The hairs of tarantula especially the new species contain toxins when rubbed. The hairs which are specifically located in the abdomen produce an itching effect when they are being threatened. The hair becomes there protection for the predator not to come closer.

Aside from releasing chemical toxins which can be poisonous, the hair of the tarantula is also a mechanical defense because its structure also feels scary and itchy. People who are interested to touch it just don’t dare to do so because they are afraid of the allergic reaction caused by the tarantula hair.

However, there are also people who love the challenge by considering tarantulas as pets. In case the tarantula gives off toxins from their hair, it’s important to follow these precautions and safety measure. Don’t get the hairs in the eyes. Once you have touched a tarantula, always wash your hands after. Don’t ever rub your eyes. Don’t ever go too close to the tarantula because the hair might also get into your eyes.

If tarantulas have no hair, they will be easily become victims of other animals. No one will be afraid of them. Nothing will protect their life from harm. Their hair is not only their crowning glory but also their savior of life’s dangers.

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  1. Mike W.

    September 30, 2016 3:12 pm

    Also, Ive noticed my pink toe stealthly trap crickets with its legs, the hair traps insects in a very venus fly trap-manner.


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