Why do taste buds get inflamed?

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Why do taste buds get inflamed?

Eating is a delightful activity but then, how could one eat if the taste buds are inflamed? Our tongue is made up of muscles fibers it also has different parts – the tip, the front, center, back, blade, and the throat portion,. Each part has taste receptors that’s why when we eat, we can recognize the flavors of the food. Our tongue is very useful because it helps us chew food. Food becomes more palatable and delicious because of the tongue. Once it touches the food, there are receptors in the tongue that automatically signals to the brain. This is the reason why we can distinguish food whether it is salty, bitter, sweet, sour, or savory.
But then, our tongues when not taken cared properly will also get inflamed. Inflammation of our taste buds will hinder us from eating food. Our tasted buds get inflamed because of too much heat in the body. When we have fever, our tongue also swells and gets red. If we have eaten something spicy or hot, our taste buds might also inflame.
It is also very dangerous to be exposed to toxins because these can lead to the swelling of our taste buds. Example of these toxins is poisonous smoke in cigarettes. Dental problems and stomach infection can also be the cause of tongue inflammation. When our stomach gets infected, the infection will spread to the esophagus leading to the tongue. Dental problems such as swelling of the gums and toothache might also spread in our tongue causing it to inflame.

Bad nutrition is also one reason of taste bud inflammation. If we lack vitamin C, our body will have less protection from infection. Vitamin from fruits and vegetables is important to combat infection that might lead to further complications.

The best remedy for tongue infection is to gargle tea tree oil. If the infection still persists, it is best to see a doctor for faster remedy.

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