Why Do Text Messages Duplicate?

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Why Do Text Messages Duplicate?

Cell phones are important communication tools nowadays. These are not just used for calling but also for texting. When we send messages to somebody, there are some instances that our text messages duplicate even if we only sent them once.

There are even text recipients who receive messages more than twice. Sometimes the messages already crowd the inbox. This becomes very annoying to the recipient. The worse part can be experienced by the sender because they thought all the while that they only sent the message once and they are billed also once. With duplicate messages, there is a tendency that their cell phone loads will be easily consumed because of the duplication of messages.

The duplication of text messages is brought about by deficiencies in the mobile service. There are communication lines which are affected by typhoons or signal disturbance. Other mobile networks may encounter problems in their system. Sometimes, duplication occurs because when you first send the message, it will not automatically be sent to the receiver. Instead, the message will pass by the mobile network’s center and store the message there. When you thought that the message was not sent, you will again press the send button and that’s the time that the message will be delivered to the recipient together with the text being stored in the network center.

The mobile itself can be a problem especially if the user is not familiar with the keys. They might have pressed the sent button twice. It can also be that the keypads or buttons are sticky causing the messages to be sent in duplicate.

To stop this problem, it is always best to contact your phone service network and report the issue. The company may do something to prevent the duplication of messages. You may also want to change the unit of your phone if there is no problem with the network service because it may have malfunctioned and needs a repair.

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