Why do texts get delayed?

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Why do texts get delayed?

Text messaging or simply texting is described as the exchange of written messages on one’s mobile phone towards another person via a recognized network. The sender of a text message is known as a texter, while the service itself varies from region to another. Short Message Service, also known as SMS, was first used by Neil Papworth in 1992, by sending a message from a computer via a Vodaphone network to a phone owned by Richard Jarvis. Initially, messaging was limited to 160 characters only, but as technology further engaged into advancement, improvements and revisions were made to provide more convenience to users. Today, text messaging has become widely used all over the world. It has even been considered a necessity, as it serves as a substitute for voice calls in situations where voice communication is impossible or undesirable. More so, text messaging has been widely utilized in businesses, emergencies, and other commercial uses.

As it is rapidly developing throughout the world, text messaging has placed significant impact on the society and the general status of the Earth. It has also contributed to the many concerns that the world is facing today, especially on spams, pricing and security concerns. Another concern that many people raise is its delay. It is quite annoying to know that messages get delayed sometimes. There are several reasons for message delays to occur. There could be problems with the network itself. If the service provider is experiencing some problems, it is likely that the transmission of messages will be affected as well. Another cause could be the mobile phone. Sometimes, the phone needs to be refreshed for it to function well and receive messages in time.

Because of the widespread use of texting, it is inevitable for delays to happen.

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