Why Do the Duggar Girls Wear Skirts?

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Why Do the Duggar Girls Wear Skirts?

The Duggar family became famous for appearing in a reality show that featured their big family. The concept of the show was to showcase how an American family can survive having as many as eighteen children, an antithesis of how modern family living is ideally practiced.

They also gained fame by their strong faith in their religion which serves as their main guide in how they live their everyday lives. Much like the Amish religion, the Duggar practiced simplicity and modesty in the way they behaved and interact with each other. Their faith also has a great impact as to how they dress up or the way they choose clothing to buy and wear. It’s the reason why many viewers and fans were intrigued as to the way the Duggar girls were made to dress. Their everyday outfit consisted of skirts and long dresses which were way off from how girls dress today.

Mother Michelle Duggar was quick to defend their choice of clothing. She narrated that before they practiced their faith, she used to wear bikinis and short shorts when mowing their lawn and unbeknownst to her, their neighbor who was a married man was having a hard time resisting watching her which eventually led to fights with his wife. She said it was only later she realized that she played a part in making the man commit a sin and she wanted her kids to be aware of that responsibility.

She added, the Bible clearly states that a woman must act ‘Godly, and doing that means shielding her body from sin. She wanted the Duggar girls to attract attention to their faces and not their bodies. And it seems to be working fine for them. Maybe other girls should take a cue from the Duggar girls. There’s really no harm in trying.

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  1. Melissa Demezzi

    July 18, 2014 8:44 pm

    I admire all the Duggar women,Faith Belief & strength’s refreshing simple life inspirational
    Great job Michelle & Jim Bob Family!!!!

    San Jose, California


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