Why Do the Lions play on Thanksgiving?

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Why Do the Lions play on Thanksgiving?

One of the most loved and anticipated holidays in American culture has to be Thanksgiving. Everyone eagerly awaits this day because of the amazing food, the ability to be able to spend some time with a lot of family members and good friends, and, of course, because of the great football games that come on at the perfect times during the day and evening. Football is one of the first things that people think of when they think of Thanksgiving. I have always found that to be pretty funny when I think about the Pilgrims and Indians sharing their food and feasting at the first Thanksgiving. There was definitely no football back then, but this tradition sparked up a few years ago and has really taken off since.

One of the teams that seems to be a mainstay in the Thanksgiving day games is the Detroit Lions. They has been a part of this amazing tradition for over twenty years now and I do not think that is going to change anytime soon. Even though they have not had a very good team in recent years, they always seem to play their best game of the season on Thanksgiving day because they know that just about ever household in America is watching them play on that day. It really seems to bring out the best in the players and I think that is pretty special and pretty cool, too.

This year, once again, the Detroit Lions will be playing the Thanksgiving day game and I really hope that they put on a great show again. I think it is really great to see a team overachieve because they have the backing of an entire nation behind them. Sometimes they win and sometimes they lose, but the important part is that they provide some great entertainment for all of use who are watching them on that amazing day.

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