Why do tiles crack?

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Floor tiles that are available in various hardware stores and home improvement shops today come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and textures. Despite the seemingly nice quality and great designs, though, many tiles still crack over time.   This is especially true for ceramic-based tiles which are very popular because most are typically inexpensive.  Cracking in these type of tiles may be due to several reasons, and one of which would point to the tile’s quality.  Some tiles are just not up to the task of lasting for a long time. There are very low-quality, ceramic tiles that easily crack when stepped on or when something is dropped on them.  As some tile experts and contractors would say, you really get what you pay for when you use very cheap tiles.

Another common reason for tile cracking is improper installation.  One good reason for cracking is the uneven floor surface beneath the tile.  Expert tilers need to make sure that the concrete surface should be even and smooth in order for the tiles to stay on evenly.  There’s also the case regarding mortars.  Mortars need to be evenly distributed beneath the tiles in order to ensure that the tiles will harden on an even surface.  If the underside of the tiles does not contain enough mortar because of being applied haphazardly, then there is a greater chance that the tiles will easily crack.

Very heavy objects, like appliances and furniture, may also cause low-quality tiles to crack easily.  Most people see small cracks or hair-line type of cracks at the exact point of contact between the heavy object and the tiles. These cracks can commonly be found beneath the legs of a heavy table or dresser, for example.  In these cases, the only option for people is to have the cracked tile replaced and re-installed which is so much hassle.  It is for these very reasons, then, that many experts suggest using high-quality tiles and that they be installed only by professionals.


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